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My Quest for #50in50

Written By: Pulse 220

As part of my job as a meeting planner, I have been privileged to travel to many different places around the US and Europe. While traveling abroad is exciting and exotic, our country, the USA, has so many breathtaking sites, beautiful cities and amazing people to experience. These are the reasons for my quest for #50in50. I want to visit all 50 states by my 50 years of life.

Where am I at so far? Well, I am 48 years old and have visited 34 states – 16 to go! Many people ask me what “qualifies” my visit to a state. My qualification is having some type of experience in that state – staying there, enjoying a meal there or visiting a unique place.

On a recent business trip to the south, I visited three new states – Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas. My experience in Kansas was my favorite of this trip.

We drove from Arkansas thru Missouri to Baxter Springs, Kansas, along the famous Route 66. It’s a small town in the southeast of Kansas with a population of over 4,000 people. Also home to Baxter Springs BBQ, some of the best BBQ I have ever had!

What states are next? I hope to tackle the middle part of the US, the Dakotas, Wyoming, etc. We shall see…


Pulse 220

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