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Holiday Event (Imagination Island)


As the exclusive meeting and event planner for Quicken Loans, we are continually challenged to elevate our game both creatively and strategically to accommodate ever-growing numbers of employees, primarily millennials, who have already “seen it all.”

This year Quicken’s guests suspended their disbelief as they were transported into a magical world of fantasy where the surreal became reality right before their eyes. Each of three ballrooms featured its own fantastical theme: Creativity Cavern (enchanted forest), Cirque du Freakshow and Innovation Square (steampunk). 57 unique entertainment acts from all over the country performed throughout the evening, and custom designed, theme-based culinary experiences were spread throughout the venue.

174,000 square feet of event space was needed for the 6,500 guests who registered online, and our onsite staff of 40 registered all guests within 90 minutes.

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