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Dealer Meeting

Las Vegas

  • Theme development
  • Online registration
  • App development
  • Hospitality suite
  • Stage set design & construction
  • Show production
  • Video production

Every two years Penske Automotive Group convenes a dealer meeting, bringing together 340 general managers from its worldwide operations. The two-and-a-half-day experience includes business meetings, recreational activities, evening events and this year was highlighted by a keynote address from President George W Bush.

Consistent with the Penske brand, the sleek and modern stage design featured clean lines. This custom set ran the full height and width of the ballroom, creating a sense of awe. Depth of visual interest was created with the contrast of materials simulating concrete and marble and a range of cycling color treatments.

In order to provide a view for all attendees as if they were in the first row, the centerpiece of the stage featured a giant 50’ screen with smaller screens on the sides.

We produced six videos for this meeting, each highlighting the community service activities of dealerships all over the country.

Six Produced Videos     2.5 Day Experience     Dealer Meeting for 340 General Managers

“pulse220 helped with the planning and execution of all the key elements that made the event an outstanding spectacle and the overall dedication that helped bring the Penske experience to our attendees. It was literally a home run.”

– Tony Pordon
Executive Vice President, Investor Relations and Corporate Development
Penske Automotive Group

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