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Commercial Truck Tour


  • Mobile tour coordination and management
  • Strategic engagement negotiation
  • Staffing
  • Permits, licensing & insurance
  • Lead generation

Chevrolet just launched the full-size Silverado pick-up truck and needed to make a huge impact in the country’s biggest truck market: Texas. Although they had blanketed the market with traditional channels, we noticed a gap in their reach to commercial customers.

We developed a mobile tour that would engage them where they work and included three stops per day, beginning at Lowe’s and active job sites. Then we rounded out the evening with dealership events where they could invite their prospective customers for a unique experience with the truck and see how it stacked up against the competition.

600,000 Impressions     42 Engagements in 19 Days     1,000 Leads

“The highlight of working with pulse220 was that it felt like a personal experience. It wasn’t like a cookie-cutter event; we didn’t feel like we were one event out of a thousand. We felt like we were the thing that was happening at the moment, the top dog, and that was really nice.”

Betsy Flegg
Fleet & Commercial Marketing Manager
General Motors

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